Technical Specifications


We work with 3 different file formats to create Vitrics glass.

1. jpegs and tiff files are all that is needed to engrave images. The result is a black and white reproduction of the image at a chosen depth within the glass.

2. Vectorised files, ai or eps. This format enables us to extrude the design into three dimensions and give whatever depth is needed to give the required effect.

3. Cad files. We can work with a wide range of 3D files.


Size of glass

We work with glass and acrylic up to a maximum of 90mm thick, 1430mm wide and 3217mm long. We engrave into untoughened glass and laminate it afterwards if required.


This is dependant on so many variables that it is not possible to give prices without specific details of a project. Please contact us to discuss this.


We can provide samples and are able to make samples for specific projects.

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