Vitrics engraved glass

British Airways

Vitrics “inside for life” internal engraving was chosen by British Airways art curator artwise, and designer Christopher Pearson, for 6 large screens for the First Class lounge at Terminal 5 Heathrow.
Each screen measures 3200mm high by 1400mm wide.

Vitrics engraved glass for British Airways Vitrics at Heathrow Terminal 5 Vitrics engraving in glass for British Airways Vitrics Inside for Life



Vitrics Royal Monceau Hotel

Royal Monceau Hotel

Philippe Starck chose Vitrics engraving for the room numbers in the newly renovated luxury hotel the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris.

Each room number is engraved inside a 45mm thick piece of optical glass and backlit.

This is incorporated into the secure entrance system for the bedrooms.


Vitrics Royal Monceau Hotel
Vitrics Royal Monceau Hotel
Vitrics Royal Monceau Hotel


FCO Vitrics World map

FCO London

This screen can be seen in the reception area of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

The map of the world is engraved in 3D inside this screen measuring 3200 x 1400 x 10mm.

The screen is edge lit with LEDs and incorporated into metal profiles both provided by us.


Vitrics World at Foreign and Commonwealth Office London
Glass signage plaques
LED-lit glass screen World map


Tower 42 signage

Tower 42

Tower 42 is the City of London’s tallest building. When redesigning their signage Signbox chose Vitrics glass. Each plaque is different, and combines the logo and floor number engraved in 3 dimensions within the glass. The plaques measure 1000 x 450mm and are illuminated with special lit stainless steel spacers incorporating LED lighting which reflect off the internal engraving to great effect.


Glass signage by Vitrics
Glass signage plaques
Signage plaques


Engraved glass Arik Levy table

Arik Levy Table

The table was designed by Arik Levy and engraved by us, and measures 1300 x 500 x 19mm. The engraving inside is a series of beehive like structures engraved within the glass to a depth of 10mm. The surface of the glass remains untouched and perfectly smooth.

As you move around the table the design swirls and moves around as areas of the design close up and others open.

Click on the images below to see a larger version.

Engraved world map in glass

Vodafone Corporate HQ, UK

A specialist glass company who wanted to recreate a map of the world inside glass asked Sky Design to do the engraving. The final design comprised of 48 pieces of glass 1750 x 112 x 15mm. We engraved 5,000 spheres 13mm in diameter inside the various pieces of glass; every sphere having its precise position. We completed this project within 3 weeks.
The images below give an idea of the result and the finished screen is in the Visionarium Room at the Vodafone HQ in Newbury.

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